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At Halcyon we have highly trained professionals in the field of couple and family therapy. We believe in the importance of relationships, our need for connection, and safety in our homes and in our communities.

We love serving individuals, families, and couples from diverse backgrounds. Many of our clients struggle with depression, anxiety, or patterns of ineffective communication. Others struggle with parenting or co-parenting after divorce or navigating cultural expectations. We are a trauma-informed practice and specialize in the treatment of traumatic experiences in life, including discrimination, violence, chronic and complex trauma, and sexual abuse.

Whether you venture into therapy with the goal to grow, achieve a sense of inner calm, working on relationship and/or sexual satisfaction, we want you to feel safe on your journey. We use evidenced-based modalities and will collaborate with you to develop strategies that will help you reach your treatment goals.

At Halcyon, we welcome individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds, orientations, and identities.

We offer the following:

Individual Therapy

Couple/Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

Play Therapy

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Dr. Yamilka Urquiza-Mendoza
Founder of Halcyon Family Health

Serving individuals located in California and Florida
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At this time, all sessions are conducted virtually.

(619) 786-0052

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